What to Look for When Choosing a Service That Provides Quick Prototyping

Your research and development team has created the 3D CAD design for your next project, now it’s up to you to find the right injection molding company that offers quick prototyping. Why rapid prototyping? In most industries time is not your friend, you need to know if the new part will fit the application it is intended for quickly to reduce costs and wait time. Here are a few things you should consider when choosing your injection molding service. Questions You Need to Answer There are many questions you should ask when searching for an injection molding manufacturer who offers quick prototyping services, among which are:

  • Will I be able to work with the company’s project engineers, designers, and molding experts if I need to?
  • Do they have the necessary experience with the quick prototyping and rapid injection molding process as well as the more traditional HV injection molding process?
  • Will they analyze my CAD design and then design and manufacture the molds required in-house?
  • Will the company remain in contact with me at each stage of the manufacturing process?
  • Do they have the equipment, engineers, systems, and processes in place to ensure they deliver consistent quality and do so in a timely manner?

A Leading Quick Prototype Manufacturer When you look at these basic but vital criteria, you will find that Additive Manufacturing, LLC is one of the leading rapid injection molding services in the nation. While this might sound as though we are bragging a bit, the simple reality is that we have built our business from the ground up, and spent years honing our skills to ensure we provide consistent quality and fast turnaround times for those in need of our quick prototyping services. Our team of master engineers processes thousands of different injection molding parts every year. We use proprietary process engines that simplify our design and manufacturing processes. This ensures we can maintain superior quality for everything we manufacture, while doing so efficiently. This helps to keep your manufacturing costs within budget while at the same time offering the rapid turnaround time you need for your prototype. Answering Your Questions

  • We highly encourage our customers to work with our design and engineering teams directly to ensure the parts we manufacture meet all specifications.
  • We have been in business for over a quarter of a century and specialize in many processes including rapid prototyping and injection molding.
  • Our in-house teams of designers and engineers will carefully analyze your CAD design in order to design and manufacture the necessary molds.
  • We remain in constant contact with all clients at every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure we produce the exact part needed every time.
  • Our facility is staffed by a team of the best designers and master machinists in the country.
  • Our shop floor is filled with the latest in high-tech injection molding equipment, ensuring we maintain superior quality and deliver all projects on time.

When you need quick prototyping and injection molding services, turn to Additive Manufacturing, LLC. We have over 25 years’ experience in many phases of manufacturing prototypes in a timely manner to ensure your complete satisfaction.