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Our expertise spans from delivering precision at scale to pushing the boundaries of rapid fabrication, all while ensuring agile, high-quality solutions.

3D Printing & Prototyping

From the genesis of Rapid Prototyping to today’s revolutionary manufacturing processes, our comprehensive spectrum of metal and plastic prototyping capabilities enable rapid part and assembly design validation.

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Short To Mid-Run Manufacturing

When precision and speed matter most, Additive Manufacturing LLC emerges as your trusted partner, delivering exceptional solutions for limited metal and plastic production up to 500 parts and assemblies with unparalleled efficiency.

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Production Tooling, Molding & Assembly

Our U.S.-based team of seasoned project managers and tooling engineers spearhead precision manufacturing, providing competitive pricing and unmatched expertise through our extensive network of manufacturers.

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Global Capacity

Leveraging our on-demand digital factories along with a worldwide network of manufacturers, Additive Manufacturing ensures you'll never face capacity constraints. Enjoy dependable lead times, diverse plastic and metal material choices, and a steadfast supply chain solution. Expect quality components delivered on schedule—without fail.

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100 Years of Manufacturing Experience with Outstanding Customer Service

With a century's legacy in manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing combines deep industry knowledge with unparalleled customer service. We're dedicated to exceeding your expectations, offering innovative solutions and fostering lasting partnerships. Discover the impact of our commitment.

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