How Does CNC Plastic Machining a Prototype Work?

The easiest way to describe how CNC plastic machining a prototype works is to say that it involves using a CNC milling machine to remove layers of plastic from a solid block to produce the required parts. The machine does this by following the instructions contained in the CAD/CAM file supplied by the research and development engineers. Most modern machining facilities, like Additive Manufacturing, use a 5-axis process to achieve the desired result. Making It Possible By using a 5-axis mill for CNC plastic machining a prototype, the part and tools can be moved, adjusted, and rotated along two different axes. This lets the mill reach every area of the part being manufactured. In turn, this makes it possible to manufacture parts with more complex and intricate designs, which is especially useful when working with prototypes as it can significantly reduce the time from design to finished product. In doing this, it also helps to keep the costs of development and manufacturing lower. The Steps in the CNC Plastic Machining Prototype Process

  1. It all starts by transferring your CAD or other 3D file to Additive Manufacturing, where our engineers will evaluate the design, and determine the extent of the CNC plastic machining prototype process. From here our engineers will work with you to finalize the design, making it possible for us to give you an accurate production price quote.
  2. Once your design has been finalized and accepted, the next step is for us to send a price quote to you via your shopping cart. You may receive an email offering you the opportunity to make any last-minute tweaks to the design. From here, your design will be put into our manufacturing queue.
  3. The way in which we keep our lead times to a bare minimum is by being able to upload your CAD/CAM drawings directly into our CNC milling machines. From this point forward, nothing else will be done to the information until your prototype is complete. At this point, our quality control inspectors will thoroughly examine the part made using our CNC plastic machining prototype process for quality and accuracy.
  4. The finished part is then sent to you for final approval. Once you approve the prototype, the same CAD/CAM drawings will be used for the production run after any required changes (if needed) have been made. This process also helps us to keep turnaround times to a minimum and your development and manufacturing costs within budget.

We can manufacture your plastic parts in virtually any color available on the Pantone color spectrum. While the process of CNC plastic machining a prototype and production run does leave you with parts that have a rough finish, we offer additional finishing options that will produce parts meeting your needs or those of your customers. When you are working with a new plastic prototype, you can turn to Additive Manufacturing, LLC for superior manufacturing processes, exceptional quality, and a timely turnaround. Contact us with your design and let’s get the estimation process going today!