Why You Should Turn to Additive Manufacturing, LLC

Are you running a business that must rely on a modern machine shop capable of a variety of fabrication techniques and services that can be used to create the parts you need? If so, you need to know that the company you turn to is the right one for the job. While it’s all too easy for any machine shop to claim they are the best, the one you choose must be able to stand behind their claims. At Additive Manufacturing, LLC we prove our worth every day with every part we produce.   We Have the Experience   One way to determine the worth of a modern machine shop is to look at how long they have been in business. While this isn’t saying that a relatively young shop isn’t capable of doing outstanding work, it is saying that experience counts for a lot when you are looking for the best shop to manufacture the parts you need. Additive Manufacturing, LLC has been in business for over 10 years.  We use the latest technologies and manufacturing techniques to ensure we have the services needed to meet your needs in both plastic and metal parts.   We Can Handle Your Projects   At Additive Manufacturing, we offer a wide variety of manufacturing and machining options to choose from. Among these are CNC, Die Casting, DMLS, EBM, FDM, injection/compression molding, investment/plaster castings, multi-jet fusion, polyjet, RTV molding, SLS, sheet metal (laser cutting and water jet cutting), and SLA. Our goal is to be able to meet your needs, no matter what they might be.   Along with this, our master machinists can work with an incredibly diverse range of materials, including plastics, polymers, and many different metals. We can work with almost any grade, gauge, or type of metal needed for your parts or project. We offer complete services that have you covered from design and rapid prototyping to finished parts ready to be installed.  Our designers, engineers, and master machinists are among the best in the industry and we have the capacity to meet your needs and ensure your orders are completed on time and within your budget.   We Produce Superior Quality Parts   One of the many benefits of using a modern machine shop like ours is the level of quality we offer. We can manufacture to ITAR-certified requirements, and back up our work with our promise of quality at every step of the manufacturing process. We use the latest technologies and manufacturing methods to ensure we can always meet or exceed your expectations. Our teams don’t even understand the concept of “cutting corners” in order to save time and money. Each member of our team is dedicated to producing superior parts no matter how big or small your order happens to be.   To learn more about the many different manufacturing technologies we use and service we offer, contact Additive Manufacturing, LLC at (887) 238-7907. Our sales team stands ready to answer any questions you have and schedule your order.