Why Use the Direct Metal Laser Sintering Process?

There are many reasons why we use the direct metal laser sintering process or DMLS in the manufacture of many intricate parts instead of trying to make them using any other process. Here are a few of the most important ones:

  1. Reduce the Amount of Waste Produced

Direct metal laser sintering uses the information contained in the CAD data supplied to build your parts from scratch rather than cutting them from a solid block of your chosen material. Manufacturing parts using DMLS produces minimal waste, which in many ways helps make the manufacturing process “Green” while keeping the cost of such waste to a minimum.

  1. DMLS Eliminates Tooling Costs

Before direct metal laser sintering became available, the only option was to tool up and build an injection mold of the parts to be manufactured. The more parts you require to be manufactured, the higher your costs. On top of which you were significantly limited in the complexity of your design. With DMLS, there is no need to retool or create molds and the parts are “printed” in a very short period of time. Yet another way to keep your costs under control.

  1. No Limits On Design

The fact that there are virtually no limits on the complexity of your design may be one of the most amazing things about this manufacturing process. You can build channels and tubes into the parts and use complex geometry to create their shapes. These, along with any undercuts you build into the final design could be difficult if not possible to manufacture any other way.

  1. Minimal Inventory

DMLS is also referred to as direct digital printing and it can save you from having to carry thousands of dollars (or tens of thousands) of inventory. With this process, you can have the parts you need to be printed as you need them. Before this process was developed, you had no choice but to pay for the cost of tooling and then order thousands of parts at a time to ensure you maintained enough inventory on hand to keep your production line moving along. Today, you can upload your CAD drawings once and then have the parts you need to be printed on an on-demand basis.

  1. Faster Production Times

Thanks to the direct metal laser sintering method of additive manufacturing, you can order your parts and have them delivered to you within a few days rather than in weeks. This increase in production speed not only helps keep your production lines running, but it also helps to keep your overhead costs under control. At Additive Manufacturing, LLC, we offer a full range of DMLS services using a range of metals to produce the parts you need on an affordable and timely basis. Upload your CAD drawings via our website and we can give you a price quote for the manufacture of your parts. We offer superior quality manufacturing, reduced costs, and fast turnaround times to help keep your business flourishing.