The Importance of Precision Parts in the Aerospace Industry

The quality manufacturing of precision parts has had a major impact in many fields as equipment like CNC machines have proven time and again to improve the efficiency and quality of standard processes throughout the manufacturing community.   Precision Can Save Time, Money, and Lives   CNC, or computer numerical control machines, can claim responsibility for precision parts manufacturing. This amazing technology makes manufacturing precision parts possible at high rates of speed. Thanks to computer programs such as CAD (computer-aided design), CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) and post process, it’s possible for the machine operator to monitor the manufacturing process every step of the way.   The risks associated with flight and space exploration were once placed in the hands of fate. The lack of technology left the manufacture of precision parts dependent upon the person crafting them, using rudimentary equipment and basic materials. Thanks to major advances in the field of precision parts manufacturing, aerospace parts can now be made with a heavy emphasis on quality, accuracy, and the safety of those counting on them.   There are several key areas in which manufacturing precise parts can prove to be essential. Among these are:  Cultural Diversity – Manufacturing precision parts makes it possible for people to fly around the world, offering them the chance to interact with many different cultures. Without precision parts, this type of travel would not be possible, as evidenced by early flights, when poorly made parts often resulted in devastating crashes and loss of life.   National Defense – The use of precision parts manufacturing puts some of the most advanced weapons and aircraft in the hands of the men and women charged with defending our nation. These aircraft include fighters, bombers, and support aircraft in use all over the world today.   Global Supply Chain – Access to precision parts makes it possible for cargo aircraft to deliver parts and supplies to virtually any place on the planet. The aircraft made from these parts can deliver much-needed supplies to disaster sites, fly vital human transplant organs to their destination on time, and help build strong business relationships between today’s multinational corporations.   Space Exploration – When it comes to space exploration, those who dare to “boldly go where no man has gone before” need to know that every part in their spacecraft has been made to the highest possible standards. From spacecraft to space stations, the slightest imperfection can prove to be deadly, putting an end to any further exploration. From windows in the space shuttle to connecting latches used to assemble the International Space Station, none of this would be possible without the ability to manufacture parts using the latest in high-tech equipment and software during every step of the manufacturing process.   At Additive Manufacturing, we are proud to have worked with many aerospace companies, including Boeing, NASA, Tesla, SpaceX, and several others. To learn more about our precision parts manufacturing process, contact us at (877) 238-7907