Add Experts to Your Team for Future Success – Additive Manufacturing

When your business relies on a manufacturer who offers a range of manufactured parts solutions and custom parts fabrication services, you need to know you are hiring the best company for the job. It’s incredibly easy to say your company is one of the best in the business. However, saying you are one of the best and being able to stand behind your comment are two different things. Let us show you why we are the obvious choice when you need a metal fabrication company.   Our Experience   When you choose Additive Manufacturing, you should know that we have over 25 years’ worth of experience in the field of custom parts fabrication. Our experience covers both conventional and advanced forms of additive manufacturing. When it comes to manufactured parts solutions, our teams work to help our customers bridge the gap between the more traditional forms of manufacturing and the use of the latest technologies. Once the appropriate solution has been determined, we use the right plastic or metal technology to ensure our customers get the best possible part and have it delivered in a timely manner.   Our Capabilities   It’s important to know whether the company you choose has the fabrication capabilities needed for your project or not. We offer a full range of custom parts fabrication options. Our services include CNC, die casting, DMLS, EBM, FDM, injection/compression molding, investment/plaster castings, multi-jet fusion, polyjet, RTV molding, SLS, sheet metal (laser cutting and water jet cutting), and SLA to ensure we have the manufactured parts solutions to meet our customers’ needs.   We work with one of the largest selections of metals, plastics, and polymers in the business. We can handle any gauge, grade, and type of metal you need to complete your project. We can handle manufacturing your parts from start to finish within our facilities, eschewing the need for outsourcing. Our Master Engineers and team of machine operators are second to none in the business. We have the capacity and capabilities to complete your project on time while keeping it within your budget.   Our Quality   It doesn’t matter how fast a metal fabrication company can turn out your parts if they suffer from quality issues. We are an ITAR Certified manufacturing facility and stand behind every aspect of our work. Your parts will be manufactured using the latest technologies and all parts are fully inspected for consistency and quality at every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure they meet or exceed your expectations.    We take great pride in the high level of workmanship that goes into every project, no matter how big or small. Every member of the Additive Manufacturing team believes that there are no corners to cut when manufacturing parts for our customers.   If you would like to learn more about Additive Manufacturing and the many fabrication services we offer, simply pick up the phone and call us at (877) 238-7907.