RTV Molding / Urethane Castings

Brief Overview

Room Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV) molds produce accurate and functional urethane cast parts. Urethane castings simulate parts produced from injection molds in both appearance and strength but within a much shorter time frame. The process begins with the creation of a high-resolution master pattern from SLA, Polyjet, FDM or CNC, which is used to create the cavity of the silicone-based RTV mold. Even family molds can be created. After the removal of the pattern from the mold, urethane, epoxy or silicone-based materials are shot in to the mold under low pressure, producing parts that are bubble free and void of any imperfections on the surface. The process is repeatable, and a single mold can produce up to 40 parts. A large variety of shore A and shore D materials are available in addition to clear materials and several grades of shore A silicone. All parts from Additive Manufacturing LLC are cast in color and with texture. Post processes include insert installation, EMI shielding, painting, plating and more. Fillers can also be added for additional strength and alternate material requirements. Parts of all sizes, shapes and complexities, including over molded assemblies, can be made and our largest single-piece part can exceed 6’ x 6’ x 5’.

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