Fractions Count – The Importance of Accuracy in Machining Parts

If you are in the market for a company that offers mill and lathe services, there are several important criteria that must be taken into consideration. While the most common items on this list should be experience, expertise, the quality of materials being used, and of course, pricing, there is one more very important factor you should be looking at: the accuracy of a vendor’s work or in simple terms, their abilities regarding achieving standard tolerances.

Accuracy Counts

When it comes to mill and lathe services, achieving standard tolerances of 0.005” without drawings is easily handled. At Additive Manufacturing, we can achieve tolerances of 0.005 to ensure we meet the needs of our clients. In part, our ability to reach these goals results from a combination of highly-skilled master machinists and the use of 3rd, 4th, and 5th axis machines. Without skilled machinists and the right equipment working in combination with each other, it would be impossible to provide clients with the parts needed for their finished products. CNC_inner

Whether you are having a prototype part manufactured or you need a full production run, you need a team that looks at fractions in measurements as the ultimate challenge. Being able to meet these demands makes the difference between parts that “almost” fit and those that are a perfect fit. It can also mean the difference between a working product and one that ends up in the scrap bin.

Serving Many Industries

With so many manufacturers relying on the quality of mill and lathe services as part of their final product, they need a company who believes that achieving standard tolerances is not just a goal, it is their mission day in and day out. Industries such as automotive, aerospace, food and beverage, medical instruments, and many others rely on the accuracy of the parts needed to manufacture their finished product, whether that is gears that form part of a transmission, scalpel handles, or the release arm inside of a vending machine. 

Public Safety also plays a large role in ensuring our mill and lathe services are capable of achieving standard tolerances, whether it’s a one-off part or part of a full production run. For example, motor vehicles and airplanes rely on a vast number of CNC milled parts. If one of these parts should fail, the results could be disastrous. Being able to meet or exceed both company and industry standards is critical, and we take pride in our ability to do so.

By using the latest in CAD/CAM software, along with seasoned master machinists, we go beyond using fractions as part of our machining process. Our machines can reach tolerances of 0.0005” and can be adjusted as needed to meet the client’s needs. This is what it takes to become one of the most respected machined parts manufacturers in the nation. For more information, contact Additive Manufacturing online or call us at (877) 238-7907 and discuss your needs and expectations with one of our experts. When you need a company that understands how much the difference in minute fractions of an inch can make, we make it our mission to meet your needs.